Why is it important to have access to this alternative/complementary health care provider?

Question description

Specific example of an alternative or complementary health care practice/providers

 What benefits (i.e., health, social, emotional, etc. ,) does this particular alternative/complementary health provider offer to individuals?

 Why is it important to have access to this alternative/complementary health care provider?

 What impacts (positive or negative) does this alternative/complementary form of health care have for traditional/bio – medical medicine?

 What could our health care system and government do to increase access to this alternative/complementary health care provider?

o Provide solid evidence about the different impacts, influences, and importance of the selected group ; this is where you are answering the question from above; be sure to provide at least 2 examples for each required discussion point s

o Include a discussion of why policymakers and academics should have this information

o Additionally, provide 2 suggestions or action initiatives that could be implemented to provide support and/or in crease access to this health information and health resources (i.e., health provider or health social movement)

There are some helpful links on complementary and alternative medicine

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