What do you feel this course has prepared you for in terms of graduate study in Psychology? 

In 7- slides, not including the title and reference slide, outline your research proposal of placebos  effects, to present to your classmates. Your PowerPoint will need to include:

1.Introductory section: Including your problem statement and your hypothesis.

2.Methodology section: Including your description of the participants, apparatus/materials/instruments, procedure, and design you anticipate using.

3.Reference slide with APA-formatted reference entries.

You must provide in-text citations within your writing, as well as a properly formatted reference slide.

Student is expected to follow APA guidelines for the paper. Length requirement is a minimum of 5 pages. References cited.

Due at the end of Week 8 of the course, student will submit a Reflection Paper, addressing the following topics:

-What did you learn from the course that was not expected?

-What do you feel this course has prepared you for in terms of graduate study in Psychology?

-What are some areas of Psychology that you feel more/less intrigued by after this course?

-What area of Psychology do you feel will be the most challenging for you as you go through the Master’s Program?

-What would you suggest as improvement for the course?

-What did you like about the course?

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