What challenges might occur when you enter into this phase?


Putting the Pieces Together


  • Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

The final outcome of the problem-solving process involves the ability to synthesize information in a clear and inclusive manner. The goal of this phase of the process is to take many different data points and points of view and synthesize them into one clear plan of action that can be easily understood by a broad range of stakeholders. This can be challenging, partly because it requires human services professionals to be open, direct, and neutral in their presentation of the information.

As you consider what is involved in this phase, address the following points:

  • What challenges might occur when you enter into this phase?
  • How might your own values, biases, or personal viewpoints impact how you synthesize the information that you have gathered?
  • What dangers might be present?
  • How might you address a situation in which you are asked to develop a report of this nature when the course of action required is not something you supported in the collaborative sessions?
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