What are some advantages of implementing the health savings account (HSA) option?

How does our society view smoking? How has our view of smoking changed over the years? What are the ethical discussions related to smoking and to second hand smoke? How is the CDC involved in efforts to decrease the smoking prevalence of the United States? Be specific, give examples and include references and resources in your response.

150 word worksheet

Provide responses to the following questions, based on your readings and class discussions, in 150 words each.

  • Describe the difference between internal and external reports. What functions might an organization’s internal reports serve? What functions might its external reports serve?
  • How might reports empower an organization?
  • What considerations might you make when sharing reported information with the following parties?
    • health care

      Read the case study “A Health Savings Account at Frontline PR”- https://www.chegg.com/homework-help/health-savings…

      write a short paper that adequately answers the following questions:

      • What are some advantages of implementing the health savings account (HSA) option?
      • What are some potential disadvantages of implementing the HSA option?

      discussions, papers, and milestone tasks should be supported with scholarly sources cited in APA style.

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