Strive for clarity and conciseness in your problem statement

o complete a successful draft literature review:

  • Strive for clarity and conciseness in your problem statement.  Knowing exactly what you are seeking is the best way to focus your  search productively. Before returning to the library to continue your  search for scholarly sources, carefully review the feedback you received  on your two earlier assignments (Research Topic Investigation and  Problem Statement). Use the feedback you received from your instructor  to tighten and clarify your problem statement.
  • Review the sources that you have already found on your topic,  including the ones you found for your Unit 4 assignment, and refine your  list of key words that will help you focus your search productively. If  you need some help with this process, review the resource Get Critical  Search Skills.
  • Continue your search, looking for those sources that seem to most  clearly address the topic and problem area you chose. As you review a  potential resource, first read the abstract. Then, if you are not sure  how valuable that source will be, skim the article to identify the key  points and evidence provided. In this manner, begin compiling your list  of potential sources. You may need to consider at least 20–25 sources  before you can come up with the 10–12 you need to represent current  knowledge in your topic area.
  • Read the articles in depth, starting with those you believe most  directly address your problem area. For a method to accomplish this  process, review the presentation Locating Common Themes in a Literature  Review. You may want to use the Capellapillar process described in that piece.
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