sports psychologist


In this assignment, you are going to put everything you have learned together and apply it to a job. Choose either a or b assignment below. This paper should be proper APA style, 8-10 pages plus the title page, reference page and the attachments.  This assignment is due in Week 7a) You have just been hired by the city of Wearehere as the sports psychologist to coordinate their youth sports leagues. You will need to create the team meetings, rules, and release forms. You will need to create a clinic to train the all the coaches/parents who are coaching, how to effectively coach. Make sure to actually set up the clinic so someone else could walk in and teach the clinic. You should have flyers for advertisement, and release forms, and a page about you. Include the activities you would actually do at the clinic.

b) You have been hired by the Weneedhelp University. They have not won any sports events in the past four years and they have hired and fired the coaches rapidly. Even the people of the town have stopped supporting the events. The school is in danger of losing their sports programs. Create a program to change the attitude and mindset of the new coaches, the fans and the athletes, and get this program back on its feet. Make sure to include any flyers or release forms for any clinics you might chose to run. You will need to actually set the clinics up so someone else can walk in and teach the clinic.

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