"Request for Practicum Experience" prior to registering for this course, write your overall practicum goals.


Practicum Goals:

Based on your assessment of your personal needs, submitted on your “Request for Practicum Experience” prior to registering for this course, write your overall practicum goals.

( My practicum site is a hospital and i will practice as a clinical nurse educator and plan to do adult critical care education.My proposed practicum duties or tasks that i already discussed with my preceptor is to :

– Introduce nx stage CRRT machine and education to ICU staff how to care pt on CRRT(PPT presentation, discussion, conference, policy, protocol, help nurses to have hand on practice with machine etc)

– skills day presentation.

-Orientaion to new hires.

– Begin Journey with national AACN.)

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

After your overall practicum goals have been approved, begin to write the learning goals that will guide your learning in meeting your overall practicum goals. This will be completed in your Nursing Education Practicum Documentation. Refer to materials from previous courses in the nursing education track to be sure that your goals are written appropriately.

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