A mother brings her 6-month-old daughter to the HCP for evaluation of possible colic. The mother says the baby has had many episodes of crying after eating and, despite having a good appetite, is not gaining weight. The mother says the baby?s belly ?gets all swollen sometimes.? The mother says the baby tastes ?salty? when the mother kisses the baby. Further work up reveals a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. The mother relates that her 23-month-old son has had multiple episodes of ?chest congestion? and was hospitalized once for pneumonia. The mother wants to know what cystic fibrosis is and she also wants to know if she should have any more children.Post an explanation of the disease highlighted in the scenario you were provided. Include the following in your explanation:The ÿÿÿÿÿrole genetics plays in the disease.Why ÿÿÿÿÿthe patient is presenting with the specific symptoms described.The ÿÿÿÿÿphysiologic response to the stimulus presented in the scenario and why you ÿÿÿÿÿthink this response occurred.The ÿÿÿÿÿcells that are involved in this process.How ÿÿÿÿÿanother characteristic (e.g., gender, genetics) would change your ÿÿÿÿÿresponse. APA FORMATE PLEASE

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