"Methods of Knowing" discussed including the Scientific Method in the article?

You have read Chapters 1, 2, and 3.
You have read the IPV article.
I’ve posted my notes on my copy of the IPV article.
Now, I want you to submit a discussion that addresses the following (worth up to 10 Discussion Points):
Could you see evidence of any of the “Methods of Knowing” discussed including the Scientific Method in the article? If so describe and support your position.
What about the substance of their literature review? Looking at the Reference list how many primary sources do you think they used? Any concerns about the references?
When you summarize the “possible positive” position and the “possible negative position” of previous research what impact did those earlier research effort have on shaping this current research?
Finally, describe four (two about syllabus and two about schedule) new things you learned from listening to the Zoom recordings (worth up to 3 Zoom meeting points).
Before you tackle this discussion remember the following:
1.  You WILL not repeat my questions to me. You will create thesis sentences and short paragraphs to answer meet the criteria.
2. You WILL have read the Discussion Rubric and take note of how to maximize your points.

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