How have drugs influenced your life or lives of others you know, in good and not so good ways? 

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Talk about your experiences with all types of drugs, both positive and negative. Remember that alcohol, tobacco and over-the counter medications are drugs also. How have drugs influenced your life or lives of others you know, in good and not so good ways?  Only write about what you are comfortable sharing.  Has what you have learned so far in this class changed your perspective in some way?

Write at least two paragraphs of 5-6 sentences each.

he AHCA was written to solve a crisis that doesn’t exist and accordingly accepts sacrifices it doesn’t need to ( Q1,2018). It’s akin to a doctor who wants to amputate a patient’s leg, a reasonable solution if gangrene has set in, but disastrous in case of a botched diagnosis. Everyone will face the specter of getting priced of health insurance altogether if they lose coverage. For them this is functionally a mandate, except instead of a financial penalty the AHCA punishes them by withholding access to care. I think one of the somewhat surprising elements of the bill was the fact that they kept in the essential health benefits, the ten classes of benefits that need to be covered just because it’s covered doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to afford them. For the people who have coverage, meaning they are in an insurance plan, what is the extent of the out of pocket exposure they have to get the care they need. As it turns out, studies showing better health outcomes for those with insurance looked at individuals having private insurance. On the other hand, multiple studies, assessing the effect of the Medicaid expansion, found no improvement in health outcomes for those on Medicaid.  In fact, other investigations have found worse outcomes for those with Medicaid as compared to those with no insurance at all.

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