How do groups influence you as an individual? 


Week 8 Discussion

When we have to make a big decision, there are moments when it feels like our heart may rule all and we make decisions based upon an emotional response.  However there may be other decisions, where emotion did not play any role and it was a logical decision based on a set of well-reasoned facts.  What do you prefer?  Do you generally use logic and reason when you make decisions?  Do you rely on your emotion, intuition or “gut”?

In your discussion post share a moment when you either used emotion to make a decision OR you used logic.  What was the decision and why do you think you acted that way?  How does that connect with what we learn about thinking and problem solving in Chapter 8?


Week 09 Discussion.

The excitement of being a new manager has started to wear off.  Your boss is pressuring you because you need your team to work faster.  You need to find a way to motivate them!  Based on your psychology class, you realize that you have two choices.

CHOICE 1 – Praise.  You could focus on those who do really well and praise them for their success. There will be a bulletin board that highlights those employees with the best performance.

CHOICE 2 – Pay.  For those employees who produce more, they get paid more.  The top 5% get a big raise.  

Which choice do you make?  This is really important because your end of year bonus depends on your team’s productivity.  In your discussion post, share which choice you make and how that connects to what you have learned about motivation. 


Week 10 Discussion Attachment

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How do groups influence you as an individual? Do you beat to your own drum?  Do you follow the crowd?  Social psychology studies how our relationships influence our behavior.  

Here is a clip from Brain Games to learn more about how a  group can  influence individual behavior:

What would you do?  Would you go along with the group?  Would you do your own thing?  Why would you behave in this way?

Remember to have 3 posts in the discussion.


Week 11 Discussion

In this interview (, Emilia Lahti offers five specific actions you can take to build up Sisu so that you can endure and even thrive in moments of extreme stress.  For this discussion, pick one of the five and describe how you will work to build your capacity to do this.  How will cultivating this specific action help you?  Attachment

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