hnocentricity, and ethnocentric monoculturalism.

In this assignment, you will begin preparing for your Psychology Research Paper, due in Week 4.

Choose a topic from the Research Topic List that is relevant, current, newsworthy, and has mass appeal.

Create an outline of the main points, I., II., III., etc., and subpoints, A., B., C., etc. Model your outline to the one shown on page 3 of the Sample Outlinedocument.

Include APA-formatted citations of the scholarly sources you plan to use:

  • Put an in-text citation next to a main point or subpoint, as necessary.
  • Include a list of source citations below the outline.

Submit your completed assignment as a Word document.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

The time for all Gordon Rule essays is limited to one (1) hour. Once you open the essay you must complete it within the one 1 hour time frame.
The prompt is not necessarily based upon the readings but is a question that is answerable by any college-level philosophy student. The answers should be between 3 and 5 paragraphs in length.

watch film discuss

discuss the films on Hawaiian history from the following aspects:

  • Use the content from the film to provide examples of cultural encapsulation, ethnocentricity, and ethnocentric monoculturalism.
  • Explain the dynamics of the examples.


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