From a financial perspective, briefly describe the concept of a business.  List and explain the differences between a business & pure charity


hapter 1:

Q1- From a financial perspective, briefly describe the concept of a business.  List and explain the differences between a business & pure charity.  Please respond to at least 2 classmates post.


Business is depending on buying and selling for profit. When a business is a personal or a company should determine goals that lead to develop the business and focus for the goal. In the other hand, Charity is depending on the provision of a range of humanitarian services to individuals in need. It is also known that a group of individuals, associations and institutions provide support and assistance to people with different needs, such as food, medicine and shelter, and others. Also, does not depend on achieving any financial gain; it is a work linked to good and charity to others.

out business would be, business is a person or group of people idea about making an investment to improve his or their income. Charity is a person or more than one person is opinion to help others with some amount of money. Charity is helping others with their needs, and business is an idea of making more money.  ChapterQ2- If you could change ONE thing about our health care system, what would that be? Please providedetailed explanation.  Reply to the post of 2 classmates.If I could change one thing in the U.S. health care system it would be that employer groups, payers, and government systems would all come together to make it simpler for Americans who are seeking health coverage. I am from a rural area in Kentucky and have seen so many people neglect their health because they could not go to certain providers and would have to travel hours to see a doctor in their network. These people know that they need to see a doctor, but may not be able to take off from work to travel to the doctors or may not have transportation to travel that far. This is a major reason that emergency rooms are overflowing with people because they have gone so long without seeing a doctor (because there are none in their network) so they can no longer stand the pain or sickness. I think if all providers could work together and be on the same playing field it would cut down costs and help people get the treatment they need in a timely manner.





Student 2:


If I could change one thing about the current health care system in America it would be accessibility for consumers. Accessibility to health care affects many different aspects of health care, such as health care cost, emergency room use, overall health of the nation, and many others. Many things affect one’s access to health care, including geographical location (rural vs. urban area), insurance coverage, and income. Improving the accessibility of health care can potentially lower total health care costs and even improve the overall health of the nation.


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