explain eating behaviors through biochemistry/physiology.

A reminder of the discussion criteria: To get full points for weekly discussions, you must create your own message and reply to a minimum of 2 posts from fellow students before the end of the week, which is Saturday at 5pm. The professor reserves the right to assess whether posts are sufficient in content to merit full points. Such replies as ‘good point’ or ‘well said’, while kind, offer very little to stimulate conversation. Your posts should reflect insight and depth. Discussion topics (answer one): 1- Find a research article (it should be from a research journal) that attempts to explain eating behaviors through biochemistry/physiology. For example the idea that certain foods may have addictive properties, the hypothesis that eating disorders or obesity could be related to chemical imbalances (hormones, enzymes…), the theory that certain images/smells/sounds trigger our appetite, etc. Be sure to clearly summarize the article in your own words and include a link to the full article. 2- Thankfully, most of the time our digestive system functions properly. There are however some diseases/disorders that can affect this organ system. Select one such condition and briefly describe the causes, symptoms and treatment options, along with a website where classmates can get additional information on the topic. Include in your discussion some foods that could aggravate/trigger the condition and some foods that could improve/treat the condition. (Check other posts and select a disorder/disease that has not yet been discussed.)

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