Explain a typical day in this future career.

20 slides APA FORMAT

For our Week 7 Assignment/Capstone project, from our discussions these past weeks describe your psychology career choice, e.g.  clinical psychologist, school psychologist, psychology professor, research psychologist in a university hospital, etc. and respond to the questions below based on what you have learned about that job from your research in class. Imagine you have just completed your first year in your first job with any one of the career fields we have covered.

In a twenty slide PowerPoint presentation (not including title or Reference slide), please address the following:

1. Discuss your goals and expectations for your first year in this career field.

2. What is the focus of your interaction with your clients?

3. Explain a typical day in this future career.

4. What is most rewarding about this first year? Why?

5. What conflicts in your career do you believe you will encounter in this first year? How will these conflicts be resolved?   (Be elaborative. A great rule to remember is “who, what, where, when, how”).

6. What is your annual salary and has it met your expectations? Why or why not?

7. What part of your education has benefitted you the most in achieving this career?

8. What type of continuing education are you required to complete to maintain credentials/expertise and grow in this career choice?

Your presentation should include a title slide, Body of presentation, including in text citations, NOTES, Conclusion/Summary, Reference slide (at least three academic references), per APA.

IMPORTANT:  You  MUST  utilize the Note portion of the PowerPoint. Each slide should have  at least one substantive paragraph , e.g. five- seven sentences regarding what you have highlighted on the slides. The Note portion is worth a significant amount of points for this assignment. 

The following site may be very helpful in providing a refresher on how to prepare an APA formatted PowerPoint presentation: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/686/01/

Please submit this assignment as a .pptx file to our Week 7 Assignment link



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