Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your local health care delivery system.



The discussion board is aligned with the module objective “Develop the implementation of population-focused care through the nursing process, collaboration, and interdisciplinary skills.” After completing the assigned reading for module 4, consider the healthcare delivery system in your community.

As part of the discussion you will:

Locate yo

  • Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your local health care delivery system.

ur local health department. If you live in a small community, look in the county seat. You may find the information online, or you may need to visit. Include the following information in your initial post: (Do not copy and paste directly from the website – Use your own words)

  • Name of health department, location (address), phone number
  • Mission of the health department
  • Brief history of the health department
  • Name and credentials of the health commissioner
  • Describe the services provided by the health department
  • Description of the role of the public health nurse in community health
  • Description of the health department’s emergency planning components
  • What health services are not provided that the student believes should be added

Your initial post must be posted before you can view and respond to colleagues, must contain minimum of two (2) references, in addition to examples from your personal experiences to augment the topic. The goal is to make your post interesting and engaging so others will want to read/respond to it. Synthesize and summarize from your resources in order to avoid the use of direct quotes, which can often be dry and boring. No direct quotes are allowed in the discussion board posts.


  • Initial Post: Minimum of two (2) total references: one (1) from required course materials and one (1) from peer-reviewed references.

Words Limits

  • Initial Post: Minimum 200 words excluding references (approximately one (1) page)
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