Do they offer consultation services to other professionals in the community, such as medical personnel, law enforcement, or school personnel?

Assessment of an Organization

This final assignment is a culmination of the work you began in Unit 3 by identifying an agency in your state that provides counseling services to your selected clinical population. Throughout the course, you have collected information to assess the role of counselors as social justice advocates in the areas of prevention, education, consultation and intervention. It is now time to synthesize and present your findings.

Assignment Instructions

Write a 6–8-page paper that addresses the following. Be sure to cite the information gathered during your research, field interview, literature review, and your course text and readings throughout the course.

· Discuss therapeutic models or interventions used by the organization to work with the selected clinical population.

. What best practices are applied to support the needs of individuals, couples, families, and groups?

· Describe the counselor’s role with respect to advocating for social justice at multiple levels.

. Are staff members engaged in advocacy at individual, professional, organizational and societal levels?

. To what extent do they engage in multidisciplinary support and collaboration to provide equitable mental health services to the population?

. Do they offer consultation services to other professionals in the community, such as medical personnel, law enforcement, or school personnel?

· Evaluate the counselor’s educational and preventative efforts to address the wellness of the selected clinical population.

. Does the organization, for example, provide public service announcements, screenings for depression, et cetera, to promote mental health literacy? Is there evidence that these efforts are successful?

· Evaluate how well the organizational practices align with the Movement of Global Mental Health with respect to providing equitable mental health services.

Submission Requirements

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

· Template: Use the template provided in the resources.

· Written communication: Written communication must be grammatically correct and free of errors that detract from the overall message. Writing should be consistent with graduate-level scholarship.

· APA format: Title page, main body, and references should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting.

· Number of resources: A minimum of six scholarly resources from peer-reviewed journals published within the past 10 years. Distinguished submissions typically exceed this minimum.

· Length of paper: 6–8 typed double-spaced pages, not including the title page and reference page.

· Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

You are required to submit your final version of this paper to Turnitin to generate a final report prior to submitting the assignment for grading. From the Turnitin tool, first submit to the draft link to check your work for any necessary edits. Once the paper is finalized and all edits have been made, submit your final paper to the Final report option for the assignment. Please be advised it can take up to a day to obtain the percentage from Turnitin. When your paper is downloaded and viewable in Turnitin, save the originality report. Refer to The Similarity Report (linked in the resources) from Turnitin Web site for guidance.

· Submit your assignment using the following file naming format: Your Name_AssignmentNumber_Assignment Title (example: Ima_Learner_u03a1_ClientDescription).

· Provide the percentage from the final Turnitin report in the comment section (example: Final Turnitin percentage = 4%). Please be prepared to provide your faculty member with a copy of the Turnitin report, should this be requested of you.



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