Diversity implications that are involved. Diversity here refers to special populations.

Ethics are an important part of the field of psychology. Violating the ethical principles has a wide-reaching effect on an organization and those involved.

View the APA website.

Locate an article on the website regarding ethical issues. Sometimes students have trouble finding or picking an article.  You might try a search that includes some common ethical issues in the search terms.  For example: informed consent, confidentiality, dual relationships, etc. Make sure that the issue clearly involves the psychological field and the ethical issues effecting psychologists.  Make sure you present a conflict, not a review of ethical principles. *HINT* APA’s Publication Monitor on Psychology is a great resource for this assignment.  You will find ethical discussions here along with a number of articles written by Stephen Behnke, a long standing member of the APA Ethics Committee.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that discusses the following:

  • The issue in detail.
  • The ethical principle in this article that has been violated

A summary of the aritcle you have chosen could  cover these first two points.  Make sure you are clearly identifying the violation.

  • Diversity implications that are involved. Diversity here refers to special populations.  In other words, would this issue or the solution be the same across all people or is it unique because of the people involved?  Think about the isses of gender, age, sexual orientation, race and culture.  If none of these are an issue, explain why this does not exist.
  • A mitigation strategy for the ethical issue.  Mitigation here refers to solution.  Is there a solution presented in the article?  What is it?  Do you agree with the solution?  Why or why not?  If there is no solution presented, please suggest one.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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