Describe in detail how you can apply project management techniques to the risk communication project.

) Continue week’s 2 theme, by comparing and contrasting management theories to leadership theories in order to develop or refresh a working knowledge of application of these principles in practice. Find two alternate academic sources to support your analysis.

One concept if implemented well, it will create the most effective team dynamics and the true environment of success. A team leader often gets fooled by the name and thinks that by calling them a leader, it makes them automatically a good leader, where in fact it needs effort, commitment and time to deserve being called a leader. Being a leader means to get the best out of your team members and adding to what they can produce, many so-called leaders never attempt to add something to the team value and even worse when they stop others from adding!

Leaders don’t mind being powerless, what they care about is being influential. Using power doesn’t encourage people to be creative, it might control what they do but it can’t control what they think and want. Also, successfully juggling between the two important objectives of leading the people in the team and managing the work progress will create a more efficient and powerful team force.

2) Describe in detail how you can apply project management techniques to the risk communication project. See the project description to understand what the requirements are for the assignment and then create your project management plan.

The initial stage of establishing a risk communication project is the identification of the project goals and the target audience. The plan should solely focus on one goal for easier managing purposes. The next stage is to identify the type of information that should be given to the target audience. The project’s scope and communication objectives are stated in the next step of the project (Burke, 2013). The management should research on past literature since it is beneficial to the project at large. The reasons for selection of target audience and topic should be considered during the process. Creating a baseline plan for the project is sufficient for the successful completion of the project. My project management plan is about building the resilience of health systems by WHO in the Pacific island. The first stage involved identifying the target audience which countries that is vulnerable to climate change. I recognized the information that the audience needed then researched in the previous literature on the topic. Reasons for the selection of the target audience were considered, and then I created a baseline plan. The information that I collected will be applied to the principles of risk communication programs then build my case study.

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