“Core Competencies for a New Vision for Health Professions Education”


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Please use the grading rubric to create an outline of your assignment. Your final paper should contain content from each section of the rubric and you can use these elements as headings. I will base your grade on each element of the rubric. To ensure you cover all of the elements of the rubric compare each section of the paper with the elements of the rubric. Then, include an introduction and conclusion to tie the paper together. If you have any questions regarding the assignment, please contact me using the Course Help forum.

You will find a discussion of the “Core Competencies for a New Vision for Health Professions Education” in your readings this week (Rubenfeld & Scheffer, 2015, Box 4-1 p. 86). Review these core competencies and write a 2-3-page paper (excluding title page and reference page) that includes:

  • a discussion of how these core competencies relate to your particular area of nursing practice.
  • specific example(s) that describe how your workplace exemplifies one of the competencies and specific example(s) of how your workplace can improve meeting another competency.
  • a chart that visually discusses/shows how you apply the five core competencies in your particular area of nursing practice that relate to critical thought and reflective cognitive processes. Be creative! You may add clipart, photos, multi-media files you have permission to use. Place this chart as an appendix at the end of the paper, following the reference page.

Follow APA 6th edition formatting for the title page, body of the paper, and reference page. You must use a minimum of two scholarly references to support your assignment

Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion:

I’m looking forward to meeting all different types of nurses and hear their stories. I’m excited about the opprotunity to obtain my BSN. I need my BSN for career advancement in this stage of my career. I look to gain knowledge and some new perspectives on future subjects. My greatest fear is the unknown. I like knowing what expectations are and what I am to expect from a program. My experience of fear was my first night as a nurse. My charge nurse that was training me left me alone on a med pass of over 45 patients in a long term care setting with a strick window to adhere to. First time to administer insulin by myself, in the long term facility we don’t use a second nurse to verify amount of insulin. So I conquered my fear pulling my drug book, and physican order to compare how much I was ordered to administered. Having resources that are available make it possible to conquer things of the unknown and asking questions.

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