Conceptualization and Diversity-Focused Assessment from Chapter 13


ase Conceptualization

Briefly describe the influences of cultural competent assessments as discussed in the unit readings. Imagine you are the counselor conducting an intake interview with Diane or Erika. Using the Principles of Collaborative Conceptualization and Diversity-Focused Assessment from Chapter 13 of your course text as guidance, prepare a hypothetical dialogue presenting five interview items as the intake counselor and five responses from the selected client.

Response Guidelines

Respond to the posts of at least two other learners. Your responses should be substantive and contribute to the conversation by asking questions, respectfully debating positions, and presenting supporting literature relevant to the topic. Please review the Faculty Expectations for any other requirements for peer responses.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

· Describe the influences of cultural competence assessments.

· Prepare a hypothetical dialogue representing an interview of a client by an intake counselo

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