Benefits Of Simulation, HER, and Virtual Learning In Nursing Education

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Discussion Question: Simulation, HER, and virtual learning are being used as a new tool to promote and assess student learning in nursing education. Describe the benefits and limitations of the use of technology in nursing education. Can technology be used to replace clinical hours in nursing education? If so, are there any limitations to its use? Be specific in your answer. Is this allowed by Florida Board of Nursing?

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Benefits Of Simulation, HER, and Virtual Learning In Nursing Education

It provides students with opportunities to practice their clinical and decision-making skills through various real-life situational experiences. With realistic clinical scenarios, simulation-based educational interventions in nursing can train novice as well as experienced nurses, helping them develop effective non-technical skills, practice rare emergency situations, and providing a variety of authentic life-threatening situations. The advantages of simulation-based educational interventions include the ability to provide immediate feedback, repetitive practice learning, the integration of simulation into the curriculum, the ability to adjust the difficulty level, opportunities to individualize learning, and the adaptability to diverse types of learning strategies. “Simulation (i.e., the use of mannequins, models, and scenarios in place of live patients) has long been used to augment learning in the health care professions and provides a safe, acceptable environment for practicing skills. It also eliminates risks inherent in practicing health care skills on live patients” (Bearnson and Wiker, 2005).

Can Technology Be Used To Replace Clinical Hours In Nursing Education?

Schools that once relied on the combination of classroom education and hands-on experience in a clinical environment began to mix in time in a simulation lab, where nursing students could work with highly sophisticated mannequins able to display a range of symptoms and react in real-time to treatment. Based on recent studies up to 50% simulation can be effectively substituted for traditional clinical learning experiences under the right conditions. Certain guidelines has to be followed in order for technology to be replaced with a certain percentage of clinical hours.

Limitations On Using Technology To Replace Clinical Hours In Nursing Education And Is It Allowed By State Board

Clinical learning experiences has to include actual hours of practice in nursing skills, computer labs, simulated clinical experiences that has to have hands on supervising by faculty. There also has to be hands on supervised clinical care. The State Board of Nursing does allow some technology to be replaced with clinical hours in nursing education. “Anational simulation study by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing on replacing clinical hours with simulation in prelicensure nursing education concluded that up to half of traditional clinical hours could be substituted with high-quality simulation experiences and yield comparable end-of-program educational outcomes” (LeFlore and Thomas, 2016).

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