Assessments of Cognitive Ability

Assignment 2: Other Addictive Behaviors

In looking at the diagnostic criteria for substance use disorders, many clinicians and researchers believe that these criteria could be applied to behaviors outside of substance use to classify other addictive behaviors. To this end, gambling disorder was added as a diagnostic classification in the DSM-5. Imagine that you are on the next DSM revision committee. What addictive behavior (not including substance use or gambling) would you lobby to include as a diagnostic classification? Explain your reasoning for including this addictive behavior. Use your textbook and the Argosy University online library resources to support your posit

The final paper should demonstrate understanding of the reading assignments as well as the implications of new knowledge. The paper should be eight- to ten- pages. You may include explanation and examples from previous experiences as well as implications for future application.

Choose from one of the following measurement types:

  • Assessments of Cognitive Ability
  • Vocational Assessment
  • Assessment of Personality
  • Social Measurements

Using current research (at least six scholarly journal articles within the past 10 years), evaluate how the type of measurements selected are currently being used in the field of psychology. Provide at least 2-4 examples or case studies, describing the tests used and the rationale, purpose, and consequences of their usage. How are particular ethical, reliability, and validity issues being addressed? In what types of research areas or fields are these tests being applied? How are ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and other demographic issues being addressed in these studies? What are some of the statistical problems with measurement in these particular cases? How do these measurements provide us with information needed to answer questions, make observations, address issues or concerns, or form recommendations regarding individuals? What is predicted to be the future of this measurement type?

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