Apply those findings to the practice of career counseling. B

This course will include a research paper on a relevant and current career topic (topic must be approved by professor in advance).

The topic I chose and got approved is – “The transition period for millennial’s from college to the work force and how it can affects individuals differently”.

Research Paper Assignment Guidelines & Rubric

General information. The goal of this paper is to allow you complete an in-depth exploration of a career-counseling related topic that is of interest to you. Per APA format students will be expected to provide a title page and a brief (300 word) abstract of the topic, (points will be deducted if more than 300 words). In order to share this information with your classmates as a resource, please include an appendix including a brief summary of your findings & five key references. The length of this paper should be 6-8 pages of content, meaning that length does not include title page, abstract, references page, nor appendix. Paper should only use peer reviewed, scholarly sources.

Paper Outline

Note: Use Bolded Sections as Headings

• Introduction. (1 paragraph)

• Relevance to Career: Relevance of the topic to career counseling and/or career development. Use the literature to establish the important of this topic to career counselors. (1-2 paragraphs)

• Connection to Theory: Analyze your topic through one specific Career Counseling Theory (your text may be cited here) (1 page)

• General Literature Review Findings: Synthesize the key findings in your research here. (2 pages)

• Application & Analysis: Apply those findings to the practice of career counseling. Be sure to discuss how this literature could be applied to work with clients. (1-2 pages)

• Critique of Topic/Directions for Future Research: Briefly discuss any concerns identified in the research and/or highlight areas you identified as missing in the research, and/or discuss directions for future study (1-2 paragraphs)

• Conclusion (1 paragraph)

• References

• Appendix: Application Tool for Classmates. List key findings that will help your classmates apply this material in their counseling practice, and 4-5 key references. This can be in list/bullet point format. (1 page.)

Grading Rubric


• Introduction: (5%)

• Relevance to Career: (10%)

• Connection to Theory: (10%)

• General Literature Review Findings: (20%)

• Application & Analysis: (20%)

• Critique of topic/Directions for Future Research (5%)

• Conclusion (5%)

• Appendix: (5%)

General Writing:

• Professional Level Writing: Style/Flow/Grammar/Tone: (10%)

• APA Format Including Accurate Reference Page & In-Text Citations: (10%)

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